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Remember the 3 dudes from the beginning of “Super Troopers”? Imagine them cleaned up, employed, cleverer and less scared, then give them a TV show — you’ve just conceived of “Workaholics,” the Comedy Central program whose 2nd season starts Sept. 20.

So this will count as a review and a preview. Review: Enjoyable and worthwhile. Preview: Hopefully continues to be?

As the show’s theme song “Jock Box” by The Skinny Boys promises, “You gotta, you gotta be fresh.” Surprisingly, “Workaholics” lives up to that promise. And keeping sitcoms fresh these days is as challenging as, well, the Horchata Challenge. Or keeping a tub full of horchata fresh.

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Yet somehow, the trio pulls it off. The humor is clever and character-based, but the show seemingly isn’t obsessed, like so many others, with being “smart.” Rather, it’s fun, as befits the title of the web series it is based on, “5th Year.”

Example: the art direction, which sells the party atmosphere with great background details, from the great “Shart x-ing” cubicle sign to a not-so-background bear coat.

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The plots are memorable, too. Partying and pranking, the main characters are cruel to each other and their friends, but always redeem themselves as sympathetic protagonists. Pictured above, from left to right, they’re pun-loving Blake, occasional Jack Black sound-alike Adam and neighborhood watch-er Anders. Their amusing tales consist mostly of trying to have fun while remaining employed. So like us. (Also so like what it must be like to have a Comedy Central show.)

The show’s only annoying habit is its attempt to coin words, abetted by Comedy Central’s imperialistic enthusiasm for putting hashtags for each episode in the corner of the screen. The main characters’ hyperactive neologizing has both its hits — “fearection,” or arousal by fear — and misses, like “‘s’go.”

On the other hand, in sentence form, the dialogue is very quotable: “If we don’t learn from History Channel, we’re doomed to repeat History Channel.” “We’ll be like Dorothy at the end of ‘Wizard of Oz,’ [but] instead of clicking heels, we’ll be knocking boots!”

Having caught up on season 1, I’m fully “torqued” for round 2 next month, work on which is being detailed here.

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There’s plenty to look forward to. For example, this is another one of those shows that raises lots of questions because the characters have the same names as the actors. What’s real and what isn’t? Apparently the house in the show was where they really lived during season 1. The in-character blogs don’t help.

So, there’s lots to be answered for season 2. Did Blake survive the gunshot wound? What’s Waymond’s deal? Will the boys remain, against all odds, employed?

We’ll just have to see what we see.

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